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Have a beautiful website that GROWS your business

Hi. I’m Sean. A friendly nerd in Playa del Rey. For over ten years I have been building beautiful websites that GROW small businesses. I build all of my websites at very competitive prices that small businesses can easily afford here in Playa Del Rey. My design approach is focused on you- the client. I enjoy learning about your business so that I can best reflect it’s unique identity in my designs. No one likes a bland, boring, ineffective, and generic website, especially me, and for some puzzling reason, that’s all my competitors seem to be able to produce!

To that effect, I am your local website designer and developer. I am not some random guy typing behind a dimly lit screen in a stuffy hot room in India or China who doesn’t understand your market. I will come meet with you so we can have an efficient and effective face to face conversation that adds value to YOUR business.

I’ll also pick up the phone and talk to you- whenever you need it! There’s no secretary you have to go through, no annoying helpdesk support ticket, and no other designer in the firm who may answer the phone, but know nothing about you as a client.

Some may claim it is a bit old fashioned, but my relationship-centric approach is how humans have been successfully conducting business for hundreds of years! So, it shouldn’t stop now just because we hold these little magic devices in our hands.

Here are a selected few of the sites I have developed:

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