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Websites and Graphic Design

I create fast, cutting edge clean custom WordPress sites that fit your business! Whether you just want to show off your new product, drum up new business for your store, attract new clients for your service business, or even sell your items online, we will create a fantastic solution for you. Oh, and need help building an iconic brand or marketing collateral that works, such as fliers, billboards, brochures, posters, or business cards? My expertise can create those for you too!

Managed IT Services

Need your tech needs taken care of but don’t have the budget for a full time IT person? That’s why I am here with my mighty team! Our comprehensive managed IT services is basically like having your own in-house IT department at a fraction of the cost. We come and visit with you on site, solve your problems, and brainstorm ways to improve your IT. We provide support for all of your employees, onsite and remotely.

Cyber Security

We offer reliable comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for your computer network and data. It starts with a strong cyber security strategy, customized for your organization. After designed, we manage the project of deploying this new strategy. Our creative customized solutions for your organization often include affordable enterprise-grade advanced disk encryption, strong network firewalls, cutting-edge neural-network AI powered endpoint protection, automated encrypted cloud backup, Virtual Private Networks, and powerful protective network policies. Due to our resources and strategic partnerships, we offer a full-stack solution for cybersecurity:  cybersecurity strategy design, software and hardware selection (and purchasing), project management, implementation, and contiunous support.


What’s a network? Basically its a group of various computers and other digital devices that are linked together, generally in the same place. Keeping these structures running reliably, smoothly, and efficiently is a bit tricky. That’s why I am here! I’ll bring enterprise-grade WiFi, switches, computers, firewalls, and anything else that you need. I enjoy setting up new networks or helping current ones run better.

Cloud Backup

Ever dream about worry-free backup? Well I certainly have, but I guess that’s normal for geeks like me. The cool part is that it actually exists! Yep, we sell the best automatic cloud-based backup solution that keeps your data safe (it’s even HIPAA compliant for you doctors out there!). Once I come and install it, you don’t have to do anything. Never loose a file again.

Helpdesk Support

Ever wanted to call IT? Like if your printer isn’t working, you are worried that someone hacked your computer, your dog accidentally kicked your cup of hot coffee onto your laptop, want to learn how to use a cool new program, need a refresher course on how to use Quickbooks, or simply need help with Windows or Mac? I can remote in and help!

VOIP Phone Systems

Voice Over Internet Protocol telephones is the best way for your office to communicate with the outside world. These systems allow you to operate with more flexibility, efficiency, and at a lower cost than analog phone systems. I am here to plan, design, and implement the next VOIP telephone system for your small business.