Say Goodbye to Technology Stress & Danger In Your Business

Sean helps businesses with 5-100 employees throughout Southern California manage and safely use their technology.


  • FAST & Secure Business WiFi
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Computer Setup
  • Network Installation
  • VOIP Communication Systems
  • Specialty Software Selection & Implementation
  • Business IT Plan Formation
  • Cloud Active Directory Setup
  • IT Project Management For New Location Buildouts
  • IT Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Business Systems Improvement
  • Multi-Location Deployments/Standardization


  • Comprehensive Antivirus Protection
  • Robust Firewall Protection
  • Automated Secure Cloud Backup
  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Digital Footprint Removal
  • Cyber Risk Mitigation Planning
  • Cybersecurity Training
  • Secure and Convenient Password Management Solutions
  • System and Employee Management (on Site and Remote) Using Cloud Active Directory


  • In-Person Custom User Training
  • Remote User Training
  • Remote & Onsite Support
  • PC Maintenance
  • Computer & Network Monitoring
  • New Employee IT Onboarding
  • Clean Employee IT Offboarding
  • Computer & Network Management
  • Mobile Device Management

Life Is Too Short To Be Stressed Because of Your Business Technology

Setting up and using technology can be VERY frustrating and dangerous!

Focus on running your business and let Sean setup, protect, and support your  technology.

Meet Sean.

IT and Cybersecurity Expert Sean Story helps businesses and their employees with technology. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Sean’s technology skills began developing at a young age. He relocated to Playa del Rey, California where he completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Clients trust Sean Story with all of their information technology needs ranging from computer setups to fast WiFi, easy to understand user training, user management, computer and network management, mobile device management, robust cybersecurity, hardware procurement, IT infrastructure upgrades, new office IT infrastructure buildouts, VOIP communication systems, business IT plan formation, computer maintenance, password management, and support. Sean is an efficient and talented IT Manager for Hire who likes to get things done so that your employees can be more productive and your business is well protected. When he is not meeting with his valued clients or behind his keyboard, Sean enjoys long walks in nature and listening to podcasts or music. Sean looks forward to helping and serving you and your business for all technology needs.

Ready To Improve the IT In Your Business?